Bear with Us / Helsinki

Bear with Us is a group of adult men living in Finland. We will celebrate our existence during the Helsinki Pride week on the last week of June.

Bear with Us means exactly what it means.
Some of us are bears, some not, some young, some old, some hairy, some not, some tall, some small, some big, some not, some muscular, some lean, some fat, some stocky, some normal, some just what they are. Some like fetishes, some don’t, some like dancing, some not. Some like sweaty parties, some like talking.

Most of us like our drinks. We don’t judge, we want to have a good time. So do not judge yourself either, just join the party!




OTSO / Helsinki

For bears, chasers, admirers, and friends!

Its a monthly bear/queer party at Cafe Cavalier
Malminrinne, Malmbrinken 2-4, Helsinki





Bears on Board / Helsinki

Once a summer we stuff a boat full of men on the baltic sea and watch all kinds of magic happen! Bears on Board is the original, furry get-together for all bears, butches, boys and their best buddies. “Best Beard on Board” attendees, start your engines now!

We bring in the stars of the underground queer circuit. We emphasize on fun, friendship, friendliness and unexpected encounters. Dancers, bears, people of color, people who are uncolored, trannies, radicals, the different, the heavily tattooed, leatherdaddies, fearless tops, moviestars, the mac addicts (computer and makeup), the decadent, the unruly, the brave, the young, the old, the sailors, the militaries, those who don´t live by the book and ain´t afraid to show it!