Welcome to Reykjavik Bear, the new Bear festival in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Reykjavik Bear is the natural continuation of its predecessor – Bears On Ice -, the annual bear event which opened the doors of Reykjavik to the local and international Bear community for a weekend of exceptional fun for 15 years. After one last event in 2019, it was decided to close the chapter and pass on the torch to a new generation.

Reykjavik Bear is a group of volunteers from previous years and active lgbt+ community members who feel a great passion for the event. The nonprofit organization „Bangsafélagið“ has been established to organize the festival. Reykjavik Bear will be run solely on volunteer work, and it will continue the tradition of supporting the local community and creating a sense of fellowship that will continue for may years.

The main goal is to make a beartastic event to welcome all the bears of the world to celebrate the Bear community in the world’s northernmost capital. Come and experience the culture, landscape and community, along the way we will have incredible fun.

See you in Reykjavik!